Sunday, August 17, 2014

Review: Thicker Than Water by Kim Mullican

Reviewed by Karen Lee

Michelle Mott knows she has a dangerous job and this time her snooping around might just get her killed. She has been beat up and stabbed in the past, yet her persistence to dig and find answers for her clients, is an indescribable high. She is definitely an adrenaline junkie.
Being hired by a handsome widower Daniel, she needs to find out why someone is sending him a check for $5000 dollars a month. The only major change in his life recently is that his young fiancĂ©e was killed in a car crash several months ago. About a month after the accident, the checks started arriving. Michelle is convinced it is probably an insurance policy, but when she finds out the checks are from a corporation with government ties, she isn’t so sure. The more she digs, the more danger she finds herself in and that is just how she likes it!

This is a romance-detective kind of story. The author did a great job with the details and made the reader feel a connection to Michelle. A feel good kind of adventure with a HEA ending, yay! 4.5 stars!!

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