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A Chance on Love by Kristine Raymond ***Rafflecopter***

Title: A Chance on Love
Author: Kristine Raymond
Genre: Historical Western Romance
Publication Date: July 19, 2014

Dr. Ben Kincaid is content to spend his days and nights treating the people of Hidden Springs. Not even his closest friends know the heartbreak that haunts him. Ten years earlier his wife left him, taking their only child with her. Ben vowed to never again trust anyone with his heart.

Shiloh Bishop came to Hidden Springs looking for a fresh start. Having been forced into an arranged marriage with an older man, she’s lived a life of misery. When she finds herself suddenly widowed and expecting her first child, she looks forward to starting a new life.

Ben is captivated by Shiloh the first moment he sees her but he is unwilling to let go of the chains of mistrust that are wrapped around his heart. Shiloh is determined to rebuild her life and has no intention of ever becoming another man’s wife.

When a deadly illness strikes the town, they have no choice but to rely on each other. Admiration and respect soon turn to passion, but will it be enough for them to take a chance on love?

Reviewed by Karen Lee

Shiloh needed a fresh start. In her condition, 8 months pregnant, starting over was going to be hard on this single mother but she was determined to do this on her own.  With money from her deceased husband’s estate, she could afford to go anywhere but when the stagecoach stopped in the small town of Hidden Springs, she decided to get off. She immediately was drawn to the small town. With the children running down the street, men yelling to each other and the ladies hurriedly going from store to store, she knew she had found her new home. When a hand was held out to her, she felt an unfamiliar charge run from her hand to the gentleman helping her exit the coach. She looked up into the handsome face of Ben Kincaid, the town doctor.
Ben was shaken by the electrical charge he felt when the very pregnant woman placed her hand in his. It had been years since he had felt that exchange, the instant attraction to another woman. There had only been one other woman to affect him that way and he vowed to never let anyone destroy him like she had again. But the attraction is undeniable and when a crisis threatens the entire town, Ben and Shiloh realize that life is unpredictable. You must take every opportunity to be happy and follow your heart, even if it means finding closure from your past.
This is a historical romance, which I usually do not enjoy. This book however, was the exception. Well written and not too much history to bore me to tears; I enjoyed the characters and the forward thinking woman Shiloh. It has a HEA, which I f’love! 4 stars

Kristine Raymond loves to read and that naturally transformed into a love of writing. She has always been a fan of the Old West and lived in Arizona for several years, where she was able to appreciate the beauty and history of the region.

She has released three books in the Hidden Springs series and is currently working on a contemporary novel called Tempted. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and furry family, and catching up on her backlog of books to read.

She is the author of three novels in the Hidden Springs series: Here to Stay, Hearts on Fire, and Abby’s Heart, and will soon be releasing book four, A Chance on Love.



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