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Release Blitz: Ten Year Crush by Toshia Slade ***Rafflecopter***

Title: Ten Year Crush
Author: Toshia Slade
Release Date: August 18, 2014


Sometimes a crush can break you.

When Gabby Murphy landed in her brother's best friend's lap her whole world shifted.

But after years of watching Cam go through women her heart can't take anymore. Now in college, she's finally ready to get on with her life. Her new boyfriend is the perfect man to squash her craving for Cam. But her boyfriend has an addiction, an obsession that Gabby soon finds out he can't let go.

Some cravings last forever.

When Camron Taylor received a thump to the head, he couldn't help but adore Gabby. When she grows from cute kid to desirable woman his imagination goes to places it shouldn't. Afraid of ruining friendships he pushes her away. Until something seems off with her new boyfriend.

The past isn't always left there.

Cam is the savior she's always needed. Gabby is the woman he's always coveted. When past mistakes come back with a vengeance will their love be strong enough to fight it? Or will the past keep them apart?






Reviewed By Karen Lee

Gabby has had a crush on Cam since he showed up at her house on her 11th birthday with her brother. The decade since that first meeting, the fixation for him has not lessened but has changed into a sexually charged lust. He is gorgeous at over 6’3’’, with black hair and blue eyes and spending time with him and her brother is bittersweet. It is hard being near someone your body craves, like the air you breathe. To then watch him leave the bar with another woman is an agonizing end to every evening they are all together. But no more, she has to get over this obsession or be miserable for the rest of her life.

Cam has known for a while that Gabby has had a crush on him. As much as he would like to spend time with the beautiful brown haired, green eyed girl, he just doesn’t want to risk his relationship with Gabby or his best friend and her brother, Josh. If it ended badly, he wouldn’t survive without them in his life. So why is he clenching his fists when he sees a guy flirting and dancing with Gabby on the dance floor? Isn’t this what he wanted friendship only with no possibility of a relationship and all that comes with it? The anger that consumes him when he sees another man with his hands on her confuses him. What has he done by pushing her away, into the arms of someone else? But more importantly, how the heck does he fix it?

Good story, with character descriptions that draw you into their world. I love HEA and this author does not disappoint there. 4 stars


Gabby walks by the table toting some surfer boy behind her. Anger ignites in my blood and I grind my molars to keep me from doing something stupid, and then grab my beer and take a deep pull.

Cool it, dude. Josh’s baby sister. And it’s her birthday.

Then that damn song comes on. I sit back and watch them out of the corner of my eye. When Gabby pulls him closer, I grip my bottle tighter, my muscles tense.

Mother. Fucker. Now she’s grinding on his leg. And Josh and Tiffany are bickering with each other. I can’t deal with any of this shit. I drain my beer and head to the bar for another one without a word.

“Motivation” by Kelly Rowland starts playing. Do they have to play every fuck-me song out there?

I lean back against the bar and chug my beer. Three drinks and it’s gone. I order another and head back to the table.

Gabby has her back to the asshat now and she’s doing this thing with her hips, moving lower and lower. If I wasn’t seeing red, I’d be rearranging myself.

Damn, she can move those hips.

Isn’t Josh going to do anything about this dude dry-fucking his sister on the dance floor?

Turning again, she’s back to fucking his leg. His hands move to her ass and that’s it, white-hot fury overtakes me. I slam my bottle down on the table making Tiffany jump. Josh gives me a what-the-fuck-is-your-problem look.


Toshia resides in Nicholasville, Kentucky with her husband, son, a dog, and a cat. Growing up in the small area known as Poosey she was a tom-boy and country girl at heart. At nineteen she married her husband, and then at twenty-one was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. She's been a stay-at-home mom since he was born, enjoying watching her son grow up.

Now, five years later, she is an avid reader and known in the book world as a reviewer. She is currently running a group for another author on Facebook. It was there, in that group, that she found the strength and courage to write her own book. Always having a love for writing, she finally said. "I can do this, I can write my own book and share the stories that are in my head." She's gearing up to release her first book Ten Year Crush.







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