Rocking Rating Sytem

These are general guidelines we try to ROCK with when reviewing.

BOOED OFF STAGE: No details, character background or development is non-existent. There are no redeeming qualities in the characters or in the storyline. This story was too much like another book. This story was too fast or too slow and I couldn't keep track. Very rarely, but the book was way too riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors.

It DIDN’T ROCK: The main characters were front row, center. The band (secondary/supporting characters) however, never showed up to the gig. There was no description of the background or scenes. The plot was too broken up as well as the translation into chapters on the page. Lack of consistency leaves me unable to relate and feel for these characters. The story has potential, but is way out of tune right now. 

It ROCKED: This book left me a bit confused. There may have been some plot holes, not enough character development, or even some visual details were lacking. It doesn't mean the book wasn't enjoyable, it just was missing something. It could be no twist or turns, or even no closure at the end. It gave us the melody, but the harmonizing was off. 

It REALLY ROCKED: This book is flowing well. The characters, plot, and details are developed, but may be off by just the smallest guitar string. Everything is relatable and can keep me interested. All the feels are still there, and I am suckered into another late night jam session inside a book. 

It COMPLETELY ROCKED: I have a complete hangover. I am still thinking about this story and I don't know how to act, think, or feel. I am stuck in this world where the characters felt so unbelievably real, I feel like I left friends behind. This book made me stay up way too late because the descriptions, character background, and details were so amazing, I had zero will power to execute self control by stopping and going to bed.


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