Monday, August 25, 2014

Review: Haunting: A Willow Creek Vampires Series By Stephanie Summers

Reviewed by Karen Lee

Sabine has been given a life she never wanted but has come to love. She is married to the very handsome vampire, Remy and he loves her with a passion that matches her own. She has lost her family and friends, as they no longer chose to associate with her, but she has the love of her life to keep her happy.

When Remy tries to break the bond with his maker, Bastian, their lives are changed forever. Now Bastian is determined to get rid of Remy and make Sabine his new blood mate and wife. Sabine and Remy are running out of time to stop the union that will fracture their former life. Can they figure out what gives Bastian his extreme power in time to save Sabine and Remy of the future they want and deserve?

This is the second book and although I did not read the first one, I was able to follow the storyline. Great imageries were given and the author described the love Sabine and Remy had for each other in perfect detail. 4 stars

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