Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Review: Godcorp By: Jessica Smith

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Reviewed by: Karen Lee

Evie Stone is astounding in the business world. Able to anticipate what her clients need and want, she is a natural in sales, and her customer base and list of top clients is proof of this. When one of the top entrepreneurs in the world, Lucius Devlin, requests to meet with her, the day can’t get any better. Her bosses are beside themselves with excitement over the prospect of representing any of his companies. Oh and on top of all of that, Lucius Devlin is gorgeous. He is tall with dark, blue eyes that can look right through to your soul. His messy dark hair and a sculpted body, plastic surgeons would beg to study. He is just perfection, here on earth. Evie begins to prepare for the meeting, but must leave on time today because she has a date with her on-again, off again boyfriend, Malcolm. Although he didn’t say why he wants to meet, Evie is convinced the date will conclude with Malcolm being her on-again boyfriend.
However, the date never happens and Malcolm never shows. Evie learns later that Malcolm had been hit by a car and killed on his way home from work. Every instinct in her body is telling her this was a mistake. Malcolm wasn’t supposed to die and she needs to bring him back. Unable to come to grips with the loss, Evie starts searching for answers on the internet. She is completely focused only on this task and begins to let everything around her slide. She still meets with Lucius Devlin and although he is even more charming and handsome in person, Evie is completely numb and is grieving for her lost love. Explaining her loss to him, he offers his friendship and a business card. On the card is a company name, Godcorp, with a phone number, that is all. But when Evie learns what the phone number is for, and who could be on the other end, what should she do? Lucius Devlin has given her a direct line to heaven, but at what cost? How hard are you willing to fight for someone you love and how do you know when it is time to let go? Are you willing to go through hell, to get to Heaven?

Very interesting story about good vs. evil, God and the devil, with a new twist. Really looking forward to the next book. 4 stars

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