Friday, August 21, 2015

Where We Belong by J Daniels - Reviewed by Kristi Lynn

Where We Belong – Alabama Summer Series

By J Daniels

Reviewed By Kristi Lynn

Ben and Mia Kelly are back and I couldn’t be happier!! Life has gotten so busy for these two that between work, raising two kids, and opposing schedule they can’t seem to find any time alone with one each other. Their boys have become masters of cock blocking and interrupting any alone time Ben and Mia try and share. Their desire for one another is still off the charts, however the sexual tension and frustration are taking their toll on these two. Can a little creative planning allow them to get what they both crave and need? Will they continue to be thwarted at any attempt to keep the passion and amazing chemistry in their relationship alive? 

When I heard J Daniels was giving us more Ben and Mia I was over the moon! I love these two characters. They make me laugh with their playful banter and how they egg each other on. Their sexual chemistry and desire for one another jumps off the pages and consistently makes me swoon. This is my favorite couple in the Alabama Series and I would read 100 books about these two. I am obsessed with Officer Kelly and he crept into my top five of book boyfriends, which is not an easy thing to do. 

One thing I consistently do when I read J Daniels books is laugh. I am not talking a little chuckle, but laughing out loud with people looking at me like I am crazy. This book was no exception! I find it refreshing to see an author inject humor in her books, while addressing real life challenges and struggles that plague couples every day. J. Daniels does this while telling an amazing story that captivates you from the first page. Add amazing sex scenes that are off the charts smoking hot and I am sold!!  This was a quick read but gave me a lovely dose of Ben Kelly and for that I thank J.

I happily give this this book five stars and recommend it to anyone looking for a real story with lots of laughs, real life situations, and smoking hot sex. 

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