Sunday, May 18, 2014

Review of Persecution by E. Montgomery

4 stars

Reviewed by Karen Lee

Cecily feels like she is losing her mind. Ever since a car accident stole her memories 5 years ago something has felt “off”. Her parents are frustrated with her peculiar behavior and want to have a “talk” with her when she returns home. Even with the limited memories of the past, Cecily knows nothing good has ever come from that statement. Taking off for her friend’s house to escape, she stops at a gas station to get some fuel and literally smacks into a tall stranger.
 Isaac can’t believe Cecily has stopped at his gas station. He has been watching over her for hundreds of years, moving her when needed to protect her from the Hunters. The Hunters have been searching for her for centuries. Isaac has loved her forever, they are soul mates and it pains him to not be able to touch her, speak to her and hold her in his arms. He was left with no choice but to steal her memories of him to keep her safe.
The pull to the man she bumped into is intense. She feels safe, protected with him and the emotional pull is confusing and frightening. Fleeing from the gas station she runs into him again. He can speak right into her brain, answering questions she hasn’t vocalized. His touch she craves and when she gives into a kiss, the memories return to her.
This was a great, paranormal book. The story line was easy to follow and the past was told in a way that it intertwined with the story.

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