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Promotional Blitz: Krinos by T.L. Smith

Title: Krinos
Author: T.L. Smith
Genre: New Adult
Publication Date: May 17, 2014

My life was simple. Follow instructions, learn the family business and be prepared to take over when the time has come. My name is Eliza, although people in the business know me as Krinos. One thing you should know about me is that my father is a drug lord, the boss in these parts.

I am prepared to do whatever it takes to step up to the challenge and run the family business, to make my father proud, a business filled with drugs, sex and death. What I’m not prepared for though is him, the Greek god who walks into my life and threatens to rock my world.

Now, my life has just got complicated. But don’t misunderstand, complicated is not a weakness. My father was not a man to cross, so expect nothing less from me. I am my father’s daughter, and I will be the boss.


Review by Karen Lee

4 stars

Cassandra is next in line to running her father’s business. Having been raised in Australia by her mother, she was shielded from the business empire her father and her grandfather had cultivated. She knew the business did well, but it came as a shock when her loving father explained to her what the business was. They run one of the most successful mob families in the country.

It is now time for Cassandra or Krinos, her father’s nickname for her, to learn the ropes to take over the business operations. The head of an organized crime family is a difficult job but as a woman she will have to prove herself over and over again. She has a lot to do, the most important being meeting her East coast “operations manager”, Stefanos. While meeting with Krinos and judging the situation, Stefanos quickly learns she is not someone you want to take lightly. She is lethal tiger under a sexy, beautiful fa├žade.

When several distributors balk at the idea of a woman running the show, it is up to Krinos and Stefanos to demonstrate that business will continue as always. With business associates threatening their lives and those that they love, they form a strong bond, almost a loving bond. But that is impossible. Neither of them has ever been in love, but if it isn’t love, then what is this unfamiliar emotion?  

T.L Smith is from Sunny Queensland and stared writing from her love from reading, She has two beautiful children that are her world.


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