Friday, May 30, 2014

Review: Legal Affairs: Confessions of a Litigation God, by Sawyer Bennett

Legal Affairs: Confessions of a Litigation God
By Sawyer Bennett
Reviewed by Karen Lee

Did you already meet Matt Connover in the Legal Affairs books? He is a sexy, smoking hot lawyer who knows what he is good at, being a lawyer and a “variety” of ways to bring women pleasure. As you can tell by the title, he has a little bit of an ego, but once you get beneath the surface, you will see why he acts the way he does. He was burned badly by his ex-wife and she still likes to twist the knife and mess with him every chance she gets.
He meets McKayla, or Mac as her friends calls her, in an unconventional way and soon discovers she is the new associate at his law firm. Their one night was supposed to be just that, but each time he sees her he can’t resist the pull she has on him. They continue to see each other, to meet a physical need until Mac decides she needs something more than just hot sex. Does he open up to her, tell her about his past and try to have a relationship? Or does Matt keep things as they have been since his messy divorce, hooking up with strangers to fulfill a physical release?
Sawyer Bennett does a fantastic job letting us into the brain and heart of Matt Connover and this book can be read as a standalone. Matt and Mac have hot sex a lot and he is quite frankly “gifted” in bed, which she describes in delicious detail. If you do read and love this book as I did, please go and read the others in the Legal Affairs series. They were phenomenal and luckily, you can purchase them all at once as a set. 

5 stars

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