Saturday, May 10, 2014

Review: Just Dessert by Kelly Collins

3 1/2 stars

Review by Karen Lee

Emma has overbooked her calendar and had agreed to be the date for two handsome gentlemen on the same night. Kat, as her friends call her, helps out her best friend Emma, by agreeing to go on a blind date with one of the men. When Damon arrives to pick her up, she is introduced as Katerina, her given name and she is immediately drawn to the gorgeous man, her date for the evening. Damon is awestruck at the beauty in front of him and her kind, gentle spirit draws him in. The night is fantastic, but Damon warns he is not boyfriend material, but would like her company at social events where he must bring a date. 

Agreeing to be friends, Damon is picking her up again for an event and sees an adult contemporary book on the table. He begins reading the first chapter where Katerina has left off. After discussing the book together that evening, they decide to start a book club, to further discuss this erotic novel. They begin meeting once a week and the novel seems to mirror their relationship as it turns from friendship to something deeper. Katerina is looking for and wanting love in her life, but Damon fears he will never be able to fully give his heart to another after the devastation he experienced in the past. Just as their personal and professional lives begin to mesh, heartbreak from the past is poised to rip them apart.

I really liked this story. Damon and Katerina’s relationship evolved and seemed real and not forced. Just Dessert is a great summer read about not giving up on what you really need out of a relationship. It does have a HEA which I just love.

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