Friday, May 23, 2014

Book Review: After This Night (Seductive Nights series) By Lauren Blakely

Reviewed by Karen Lee

After This Night picks up where Night After Night left off. Clay and Julia are miserable without each other. But to be together, Julia must trust again and open up her heart and life to another. Clay is trying to decide if the pain and loneliness is worth his pride. Can he put his heart on the line and trust her that she is not hiding from him an addiction like his ex? They both take the leap and the story shows how trust is the most important aspect of a relationship, with forgiveness coming in a close second. Working as a team, having each other’s back to rid Julia once and for all of her past, brings them closer than ever before. The excitement in acknowledging a true, deep love is described in a page turning and exciting way. Lauren Blakely once again hits it out of the park, 5 stars!

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