Thursday, May 29, 2014

ARC Review: A Dominant Man by Lena Black

Review by Tessa Burman

4 Stars

Oh Mr. Hunt what a treat. Elle is a girl with a strong opinion and she doesn't back down from much. She has a tortured past and isn't sure of Mr. Hunt when they first meet. She then later falls on her butt...literally..when she finds out the same company she is trying to climb to the top in is owned by him. Damian is a rich man and knows what he likes. As soon as he sees Elle, it's love at first sight for him. The question is can he get Elle to feel the same and not let her doubt and her past get in her way? We go for the ride with these two as they take a leap of faith on each other and love. I love how real these two were from the very beginning. You can feel Elle's attitude and Damian's power. The question that leaves us hanging is will their love be enough and can it survive while others try to rip them apart? I cannot wait to see more from Ms. Black. She has a wonderful way of weaving a tail and making the people jump off the page. I think you will like your time spent with Mr. Hunt and like Elle, demand some more time from him.

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