Friday, July 25, 2014

Ransom by Faith S. Lynn ***Rafflecopter***

Title: Ransom
Author: Faith S. Lynn
Genre: New Adult / Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: June 30, 2014

What would you do to get it all back?

Desperate, careless, frantic, hieness, and frenzied. These are just some of the words that could describe my state of being after everything was ripped from under me. I will do anything to get it all back. And I do mean ANYTHING. I just didn't expect what I would get in the process. She changes everything.

Carefree pretty much sums up my entire life. My father has made sure that I have never and will never want for anything. I have a fiance on the fast track to business success and a best friend that will always be there for me. My future is set and I couldn't be happier with it. Then it all changed in an instant. He took me away from everything that I thought I wanted, needed. Now nothing will ever be the same.

Reviewed By Karen Lee

Lynkin has made a huge mistake. Fired from a job he worked his tail off for, fired for embezzling, he makes a rash decision that changes his life forever. He is beyond angry that the Board would even consider that he had stolen from the company. He is so thankful for the opportunities they gave him, first the internship and then job, he would just never do that. So he makes a knee-jerk decision and kidnaps the owner’s daughter. But what the heck does he do with her now?

When Sage awakens with a horrible headache, she groggily tries to remember just how much she drank last night. But as her eyes begin to focus on the dreary motel room, last night’s events become crystal clear in her memory. She has been kidnapped! Does this moron know who she is? Her Daddy and fianc√© will move heaven and earth to track her down. He will pay for this!

But when the ransom demand is not met, what do they do now? Lynkin needs the cash to help pay his bills and those of his disabled mother. Sage can’t believe her Dad and fiance have just given up on her, seemingly not even looking for her. Now, there is another issue that is starting to trouble her. How can she be attracted to the man that has kidnapped her? How can she be fascinated by the man who took her away from her privileged life. While not the smartest thing to do, it is somehow honorable for him to have his only priority to be that of providing for his mother. Now another thought has been creeping into Sage’s thoughts. What if she doesn’t want to go back? What if she wants to remain with him, kidnapped?

Really good read, with great detail. All the characters were interesting and I loved the crazy Aunt Roth.

4 stars

I am a New Adult author. From Lies to Promises is my debut novel! I am wife to the best husband of the freaking universe and mother to 3 majorly awesome kids! Reading, Xbox, cooking and WINE just barely scrape the surface of who I am. Everyone who knows me will say I am a nerd... and I would agree. Want to know a secret? I am a super hero. True story!

I have an obsession with anything people consider odd and I think learning is the bees knees. I have an Associates degree in Business Management and was an accountant for 7 years. I know, boooring! But I like having a problem and seeing a solution.

Maybe, just maybe, this is why I enjoy writing so much!


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