Saturday, July 19, 2014

Book Reviews: You Never Know & Sometimes You Know by Melinda Harris

You Never Know (Book 1-Fangirl Series)

By Melinda Harris

Reviewed by Karen Lee

Have you ever obsessed over an actor? Hung out for hours just to get a glimpse and maybe the chance for a picture? This is how Samantha and her friends spend their extra time. You see, a television show started filming in their small town a little over a year ago, and Ethan Grant, her favorite actor, is starring on the show.

Just when Samantha has just about given up on seeing or even talking to the handsome young actor, she meets him at a charity dinner and then again at the set. He is a true gentleman and she just enjoys getting to know him and ends up falling head over heels in love with this man.
But can this relationship work? They are from two very different worlds, and she is a single mother trying to juggle all that comes with that. Does she want to bring the crazy Hollywood circus of paparazzi and cameras into her and her son’s life? They would lose so much but what they would gain is monumental.

OMG, this book is so good. There is a HUGE twist about 2/3 in that I didn’t see coming. Wow, great writing. When Samantha cried, I cried and when she laughed, I was laughing as well. There is a fangirl in each of us I think. 5 stars!

Sometimes You Know (Book 2-Fangirl Series)

By Melinda Harris

Reviewed by Karen Lee

Do you remember your first concert you ever went to? You probably went with a parent and the group or singer was someone you would just die if you didn’t see on tour. That’s how it was for 13 year old Sydney. The chubby brown haired, blue eyed girl was a huge fan of the band. She was able to attend with her aunt and a friend and they were lucky enough to have front row tickets. Now the group, The London Boys, was all really cute teenagers, but Sydney only had eyes for the lead singer Simon. When he called her up on stage and sang a song to her, she knew she was in love and her life was now changed forever.

Fast forward 10 years. Sydney is now trying to make it in the world of public relations. She is no longer the geeky teenager she once was. With blonde hair and a killer body, she exudes confidence and sex appeal. So when she is given her first big assignment, she knows she really needs to do an exceptional job, to prove herself in her new job position. That she does have brains and beauty to handle the client. Then she finds out who the new client is, The London Boys.

Simon is spiraling out of control. He drinks too much and basically could care less about everything in his life with one exception. His fans mean everything to him. They have helped him deal with a painful time in his life when a tragedy nearly did him in. With their support of him and the group’s music, it has helped him carry on, to keep living. That and the memory of a young girl with piercing blue eyes who’s gaze looked into his soul.

The London Boys, are ready to make some changes, to make themselves more current in the ever changing music industry. But the changes that need to be made, may be within the group. The other members are tired of seeing Simon self-destruct and have reached the point of continuing the band without him. The band will have one last cruise to the Bahamas with their fans, then possibly a new direction for everyone. However, Sydney is determined to keep the group together, bring them a whole new set of fans, and now one of their biggest fans is going to help get them there.

As a huge fangirl myself, the author once again plays out every young girl’s fantasy. The rock star you obsess over notices you, and never forgets the heated exchange between you. **sigh** This is book 2 in the series but it can be a standalone. Great story and fast reading, 4.5 stars!

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