Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book Review: Carnage by Lesley Jones

Review by Helen
OMG! I have just been on the biggest emotional roller coaster I have been on in a long time and it has left with me with a BIG hangover that I'm not sure I'm going to get over. 

This book, Carnage by Lesley Jones is defiantly five star read from me: * * * * *

First of I would like to thank the Author for keeping me up late as I could not put this book down.

Georgia Ray is from a loving family from Essex she has three older brothers and a great best mate. When she is eleven years old, she sets her eyes on Sean and from that day she knows she will be with him.

I loved the emotional and sexual connection that Georgia had with the two HOT men in her life. First Sean, as I said she has known him since she was eleven years old, he grows up to be a sexy HOT rock god. They have a teenage romance, which, at first, I thought ‘I'm not sure on this.’ But you soon change your mind. Their relationship is full of ups and downs and had me shouting at my kindle a couple of times, but you soon realise they are made for each other and Sean would do anything for her. Then there's Sexy Big Bad Gangster Cameron King and the electric spark between Georgia and him is Mind Blowing! This man is sex on legs strong Alpha male. I would had trouble choosing between them. The sex is HOT!!

Throughout the book there are twists and turns, which kept me turning the pages. All of the characters in this book are fantastic, and would love to hear more from them. The ending of Carnage had me in tears, which doesn't happen very often.

I really did not want this book to end which is a first for me in a long time. Cannot wait for Book 2!

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