Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book Review: Off the Record, Book One in The Record Series, by K.A. Linde


Reviewed by Karen Lee
Looking for a great read with a hot, sexy, dominant guy and a beautiful, young woman? Well K.A. Linde wrote a book that will keep you up at night trying to finish it.
Off The Record is the first book in The Records Series she is writing. The story focuses on Brady, an up and coming young state senator from North Carolina and Liz, a college sophomore working for NC State newspaper.
From their initial meeting, Liz literally takes Max’s breath away. He can’t stop thinking about the beautiful, young reporter from his alma mater that blindsided him at a campaign stop with her piercing stare and ballsy question.
Liz is journalism major, trying to make editor of the school paper by delving into the political contests being held in the schools district and with her reporting, encourage students to vote and make a difference. Liz is not impressed with the young Senator’s political agenda but cannot deny the strong physical pull she has to the sexy man. Their professions are at odds with each other.
The fact that Liz is in college and Brady is trying to run for the US Senate is just another obstacle and reason they should not be together. But what if all the facts, all the reasons you shouldn’t be together are at odds with what their hearts want? Do you, can you, walk away from love for your career? You, the reader, know what they should do but I was so disappointed that I had reached the end of the story with no answers to the questions. These are the questions that you are left with in this cliff hanger. K.A. Linde makes you want to fight for love, as all good romance authors do. I loved this story, thought the story line and characters were well detailed, I am just having such a book hang-over from it. I wish we didn’t have to wait so long for the next installment, On The Record.

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