Saturday, April 19, 2014

Book Review: Night After Night By Lauren Blakely

Reviewed by Karen Lee

Just a hot guy. That was all Julia wanted for a night. Well, there were stipulations on that. She wanted a man’s man, not one of the manscaped guys. A rugged man “with a brain, a witty mouth and who had the kind of body she’d want to be tied up with.” Enter entertainment lawyer, Clay Nichol. He wasn’t looking for anyone. Burned by past relationships and lies, he had yet to find a “fiery woman… who excited his mind as much as his body.” Julia Bell owns and works at an upscale bar, concocting designer drinks while fending off advances from the overzealous patrons who think a bartender is an easy score. She is good with her life. Keeping people at arm’s length keeps the people in her life safe. She would like a night of passion with 8 inches, but what woman who is daydreaming would settle for less?

Clay, who is from New York, is in San Francisco for business. Still energized from a huge deal that made him and his client a lot of money, he goes to a gym and works out for a couple of hours. Still unable to sleep, he remembers the couple he met earlier in the day, mentioning their gorgeous sister Julia who owns an upscale bar in San Francisco. Not knowing the city well, he follows their advice to go out and get a drink before retiring for the night. As Clay walks up to the bar, one word comes to mind. LUST. Julia is tending bar and she is off the chart beautiful. Long reddish, brown hair with full breasts and lips, the woman who recommended he look her sister up wasn’t lying, she is beautiful. Julia turns to serve the beer to the guy who had just taken a seat and is awestruck at what she sees. His look is smoldering hot with scruff on his face and a dazzling smile. He has piercing brown eyes and thick brown hair that you just want to run your fingers through. He is tall, with broad shoulders and strong, thick arms, that can hold you pressed up against a wall. 

They talk briefly before their banter becomes sexually charged with innuendo. Julia is fiery, smart and a shameless flirt. Clay has matched her comments and innuendos each time she sent one his way and fired one back. This is a perfect match. One night of passion, no strings attached or expectations of anything more. Until they connect….and yes more than eight inches of hotness awaits her evening. But what if one night isn’t enough? After spending an entire scorching night in an orgasm induced haze, how can your body not crave that again? Never mind that on so many other levels they connected. The movies they enjoy, the books they read and the sexual chemistry made them so compatible, it wasn’t something either of them had experienced in a long time if ever before. Clay insists he will call her; they will make it work even though they live on opposite coasts but Julia is unsure. She wants to keep everyone at arm’s length, protect them until a mistake from the past is cleared up. The danger is real. They are always watching, looking for leverage to keep her under their control. For Julia to protect him, she needs to lie to him. Clay can handle just about anything but lies. Having been lied to in a past relationship, he can detect a lie and he despises everything they represent. Deceit, dishonesty and fraud, he cannot live a life like that again is what his brain tells him. What if your body craves and your heart desires that person anyway? Can you physically walk away, let go of the possibilities and trust someone to eventually tell you the truth?

Holy shit, this was a hot read! Clay is an alpha and likes to take control with a little bondage on the side. The sex was described in exhilarating detail that will make you squirm in your chair. Julia was a smart mouthed woman who knows what she wants and was quick to tell Clay how and where to do the wicked things to her. Loved the story and can’t wait for the next book After This Night. Clay is definitely on my list of Book Boyfriends who Rock!

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