Sunday, June 22, 2014

Book Reviews:The Alphabet Game by Andie Long

 Reviewed by Claire from Hot BBR

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I give these book 5 stars each.

This review is of the first two books in the Alphabet series. The Alpha series is a contemporary, adult, erotic, BDSM book.

Stella Mulroney applies for a job at Gregory and sons after two years of trying she eventually gets an interview but little did she the the position was for Gabriel Gregory (son) instead of the main man Mr Gregory. The only reason she wants the job is to seek revenge on her step-father. Gabriel agrees to help Stella seek revenge by playing a game of his own ( the alphabet game).

The Alphabet game is a kinky game where for every letter of the alphabet they both have to come up with something to do with sex.
A is for Arousal
B=bondage and so on.

The alphabet series are a short read but well worth it, The storyline in both books kept me gripped and just keep getting better. There were lots of twists and turns in this story and alot of shockers.

The chemistry between Gabriel and Stella is Hott! There are loads of steamy sex scenes.
Definitly worth reading!!

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I give this book 5 stars

This review is for the third book in the The Alpha Series (L-R).

Wow what an ending!!
I love this series, the books keep you gripped just desperatly wanting to read the next one. The story is getting more intense.

I love watching Gabriel and Stella falling in love with each other after everything they’ve been threw.

I'm going to leave it there, if you wanna know whats happens next you really need to go and read the book.

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