Sunday, June 22, 2014

Book Review: Frenched By Melanie Harlow

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Reviewed by Karen Lee

Do you know how long it takes to plan the most perfect wedding ever? Months, and honestly, Mia has been planning it her whole life. The hand engraved invitations, a hand pieced $18,000 gown, 1500 imported roses and the cover of Wedding Chic magazine, all are over the top perfect. One week before the huge event, her fiancĂ© TEXTS her a message from Las Vegas, calling it off. That coward now leaving her to break the bad news to the caterer and guests. She was so humiliated she didn’t want to show her face. So when her ex, Tucker offered for her to still go on her dream trip to Paris without him, she initially said no. Yes, Paris was on her list of places to go and she had lots of lists. It helped Mia to relax, just jotting down various thoughts into a list format. Her two best friends talked her into going anyway, an all-expenses paid trip to Paris, on Tucker’s dime.

Upon arriving in Paris, Mia realizes she has made a grave error in judgment. Alone in a large foreign city is nerve wracking enough but there are couples in love everywhere. What has she done! She does not want to see couples kissing, holding each other, it just makes her furious with Tucker every time she sees someone happy and in love, yuck! Going into a small bar, she is looking for an escape from the “happiness” everywhere. This will be her last night in Paris, 24 hours is enough time to see the error of her ways. Not seeing any couples kissing and overtly affectionate in front of her, she takes a seat and orders a glass of wine. And then has a second and third. The bartender Lucas, is appraising the situation and begins to unravel the reasons Mia seems to be hating Paris. Lucas lives in the States half the year, working as a Professor and the summers are spent in Paris, sometimes helping at his brother’s bar. Offering to be her tour guide, he volunteers to show her around the city. Mia takes him up on his offer and begins to see Paris in a whole new way. After spending several days with Lucas, there is an attraction that Mia is beginning to feel. But how can that be? She just had her wedding canceled a week before but if she is honest with herself, the “spark” wasn’t there. But there is a definite spark with Lucas. Will Mia be able to just live in the moment, with no lists or plans? Enjoy her time remaining in Paris with this carefree man or will the past ruin everything, again?
This book is fantastic! Great writing and very funny, 5 stars!! Great job.

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