Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review: A Little Faith by Emma James

A Little Faith (Ocean Beach book 1)
By Emma James
Reviewed By Karen Lee

 Faith had hung around her older brother, Chance and his friends, for as long as she could remember. They never seemed to mind the little girl who idolized her brother following them places; in fact they were very cool with it. When Faith was 11 years old and her brother Chance went off to college, it was hard, but even if her brother wasn’t home, his friends would return home on break and stop in to see her. She always felt close to them.
When a tragedy strikes while the guys are on vacation, Faith at 15 years old closes herself off from friends and even her parents. The grief of losing her brother too painful to deal with, she couldn’t even visit with his friends, it was just too painful. Her brother had spoken in the past about his wish to be cremated and his remains brought to San Diego. He loved to surf while spending time with his friends and he wanted his ashes to be released into the waves. But the thought of losing another part of her brother was too painful for Faith, so her parents decided they would wait until Faith was stronger and ready to finally let Chance go.
It was 6 years after the death of her brother that Faith felt strong enough to grant Chance’s final wish. She made arrangements to stay with his best friend, who was more than happy to visit with the girl he had always referred to as short stuff. For six years Faith had closed herself off from Chance’s friends, and soon after her arrival, she realizes his 5 friends are still struggling with the past. They paint smiles on their faces, joking around with everyone but occasionally some of the horror of that night surfaces. Faith is ashamed for not being there for these amazing men, for not helping them with the pain and the survivor’s guilt they have. The guilt they have that their friend is no longer here with them. Faith is determined to help each of them emotionally recover, to go on and lead happy lives. To find someone they love, like they deserve to be loved, to just be happy. This is what her brother would really want her to do for them, and she has made it her mission to accomplish this, for Chance.

OMG, what a fantastic read! Such an original idea, and great story, that pulls you in and makes you read the whole book in one night! Outstanding descriptions of the guys and I loved them all, especially Text. This is an incredible debut book from a very talented lady.     5 stars

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