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Marquel by Emily W Skinner ***Rafflecopter***

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A Romantic Thriller (Includes Adult Content)
By Emily W. Skinner
Published October 3rd 2011
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Marquel is a fast ride from Florida to Hollywood California and back to Florida again. An emotionally broken yet rising star Marquel is struggling with haunting memories, a romance with her psychiatrist, a mystery man who is stalking her all while an aggressive tabloid journalist Mark Collins is trying to unveil her past. It's a race to see who will discover her secrets first and how that knowledge with effect her career and the men who love her.


Reviewed by Karen Lee

Marquel is living the life most would dream about. The star on a television series, she is a highly sought after actress who is living the good life. But what we don’t see is what really happens behind the security gates. Paparazzi obsessed with selling your picture and a story to the tabloids, sensational enough to sell papers. They don’t care about the truth. They will in fact make things up if necessary.
Marquel now has the dubious honor of having a tabloid journalist digging into her past. He is convinced she is hiding something and well, the public needs, no deserves to know the truth….for a price. As Marquel tries to deal with the prospect of something from her past coming to light, what can she do to stop it or even be prepared for it. Everything is spinning out of control and she just doesn’t know how to make all this stop.

Good story, more mystery/suspense than romance genre. 3.5 stars


Emily W. Skinner
Emily had a goal when she was 15, she would have a daughter named Marquel and write a novel titled "Marquel." She accomplished both and more. 
A member of The International Thriller Writers, Emily was a protege of the late master of the pulps or paperback originals, Harry Whittington. Emily interviewed Whittington during her days as a feature writer for the Clearwater Sun daily newspaper and its weekly division. They became friends and he taught her how to plot and gave her approval of the original outline and sample chapter for "Marquel" shortly before he died in 1989. 
After Whittington passed away, Emily challenged herself to write as her mentor did and wrote a chapter a day and finished the novel "Marquel" in 52 days. For more details on the novel's history read: 
Fast forward, a second daughter, Blair is born and Emily and husband Tom focus on raising their family. Both daughters are now grown and work in Hollywood. So this might be an example of art imitating life or the reverse? 
A devoted Catholic, Emily is rekindling her love for writing and has just completed the movie script for "Marquel" and a young adult paranormal appropriately named after her youngest child, "St. Blair: Children of the Night." She will begin the sequel to "Marquel" in the coming months, currently untitled.
 When Emily isn't working as a marketing consultant or writing, she enjoys antiquing/thrifting and producing short films. Emily is the proud Executive Producer of Blair Skinner's film "Relative Eternity," a 2012 LA Shorts Film Festival selection, Sunscreen Film Festival selection and Short Film Corner Festival de Cannes selection. Written, directed and edited by Blair Skinner, "Relative Eternity" is on for your viewing pleasure. It is free to view.

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