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Interview with SK Quinn, Author of The Ivy Lessons and The Ice Seduction


I was first introduced to SK Quinn through a book I found on a free Kindle books email I subscribe to. I read that it was Fifty-Shades-esque (and who can go wrong with forbidden passion) and got it, but it took me a while to get it opened on my kindle. But when I did, boy was I in for a treat. I eagerly looked forward to the rest of the trilogy to be released and was not disappointed. So, when I heard that she was bringing out a new book, I got all giddy and posted to her announcement that I'd do anything I could to help promote her new book, The Ice Seduction. Much to my excitement, she took me up on my offer, and even agreed to an interview (yay!). Enjoy, my friends!

What made you want to become a writer?
Do you know, I'd never really thought about that! I've just always written, but I never really think of myself as a 'writer', if you see what I mean. Just someone who likes writing. I always wrote stories. I remember writing a load of stories about me and my friends when I was about 7 on my dad's computer, and he read them all and I was SO embarrassed! But I got him back. For my first book launch, he dressed up as a Japanese dragon for me, so all's well that ends well ...

What a great dad! I'm guessing that was for Glass Geishas... 

What are you most proud of (as a writer or not)?
The people who read my books. For sure. They are the most amazing, loving beautiful women you could ever meet, and I am so proud to have them as my fans. I love seeing their lives on Facebook, and I am so honoured when they share things with me. I love writing romance, because the fans are just the BEST! 

Who’s your favorite character you’ve written?
So far, I like Patrick Mansfield the best (from The Ice Seduction), but I will always have a soft spot for Mark Blackwell from the Ivy Lessons. He's so commanding! Oh, and I really love Sophia's best friend Jen from the Ivy Lessons. She is such a good friend.

I saw the men she's modeling him after...yum-my!

What is the funnest part of writing for you?
Probably the bedroom scenes :) 

My personal favorite...the scene at the Globe Theatre. Not a bedroom scene, per se, but...damn, Marc Blackwell is ballsy!

What’s the hardest part of writing for you?
Getting the plot down at the beginning, and then leaving the book alone at the end and not going over and over it. Oh, and I read other fantastic romance writers like EL James and Jamie Mcguire and then find it hard to write because I realise how good they are!

Where do you get your story ideas?
Fairy tales, mainly. Ivy Lessons is sort of Cinderalla, with a dark twist!

Ivy College looks beautiful in my head when I read about it. Was there a place that inspired it?
So sweet of you to say that. Cambridge university inspired the place! I need to put some pictures up on my pintrest page: - I will!

Where did Marc Blackwell come from (he is so frickin’ sexy)?
Why thank you! I always see him as a little like Christian Bale (Batman), mixed with Robert Pattinson. But I love hearing how readers imagine him - it's awesome! I think us girls miss a strong man these days. It's nice to have a hero who takes charge :)

Christian Bale + Robert Pattinson = *Sigh* 
Yeah, I can totally see that...Christian Bale gets all broody and sexy...yummy!

What is your newest book, The Ice Seduction, about?
It's about a nanny who goes to work in a remote castle in scotland, and falls for the lord of the manor. The nanny, Seraphina, is very headstrong, and the hero is a rugged, ex-army officer who is very commanding and bossy. So prepare for fireworks!

Available on: Amazon US Amazon UK

Is there any relation to Mansfield Park by Jane Austen?
I suppose I'd better admit that I've never read Mansfield Park ... :) But I've seen the movie! So not intentionally, but maybe Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre a little? That's if I'm making myself sound really literary ... 
To be honest, I don't think I actually finished Mansfield Park either...but loved the BBC versions of it!

Tell us about Patrick and Seraphina.
Ah! Thanks for that question!
Seraphina Harper - She lives on a canal boat and works hard to look after her little sister. She's a great nanny, and kids love her, but she has trouble taking orders.
Patrick Mansfield - The young, rugged and handsome lord of the manor, who falls for Seraphina in a big way. Patrick is an ex-army officer and a real man's man. He's not used to women who don't do as they're told, so Seraphina is like no one he's ever met before ...
Here are some pictures of Seraphina and Patrick on Pintrest:

Beautiful pics of hot men... (Su, we might have to have a throwdown on who gets Chris Hemsworth for their hero, though. I've already claimed him for my own book! :)

What is one thing that your readers should know about you?
That I'm a mommy/mummy, and I love hearing about my reader's families and seeing their pictures. When you have kids, a beautiful thing happens. Every child becomes your child. And I'm so lucky that thanks to facebook and twitter etc. we can all be part of this big family. 
Oh and PS - my little baby girl is on my lap while I write this!

I love meeting people on Facebook, so if you want to make friends I'm right here:  

The Ice Seduction is available on Amazon NOW!!!



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