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BLOG TOUR AND REVIEW - The Voice Trilogy by Noelle Bodhaine

Title: The Voice Trilogy Boxset (The Complete Voice Trilogy)
Author: Noelle Bodhaine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Whisper (The Voice Trilogy Book 1): When Sophie stumbles into Rhys' world she is a mere whisper of herself. A shell, broken and battered by loss and neglect. A weekend away and time with friends is what she needs. What she gets is a sexy alpha male with a mysterious past, a reputation beyond measure and a need for control. Gambling with one's heart is a dangerous affair and everybody knows you don't walk away from the table when you are winning.
Speak (The Voice Trilogy Book 2): Rhys is everything Sophie never knew she wanted, until he lets her down. With a broken heart in tow she leaves him in the dust and starts over only to find herself a shell of who she had become, no longer satisfied by who she was.
When Sophie cuts him off, Rhys is a shell. Wanting what he cannot have, he must prove to Sophie that he has changed. But when the moment comes will he speak up? Can Rhys overcome the ghosts of Sophie's past? Can Sophie forgive Rhys his past sins? Find out in the second installment of The Voice Trilogy…a story of self discovery, profound change, and a love that must be written in the stars.


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Book Boyfriend's Rock Review from Kristi Lynn

This is the story of Ryhs and Sophie. Sophie is broken, defeated and lonely when she goes away for some fun at her best friend’s wedding. Rhys is an alpha male with a mysterious way about him and someone Sophie knows she should stay away from. He isn’t the love them and stay type and she isn’t the love em and leave em type. Regardless of their ways there is an undeniable chemistry and spark between these two. Can these two very different people make it work? Can Sophie move forward and trust Rhys and his intentions? Can Rhys change his ways and be the man Sophie needs?

What I loved About This Book
I am not sure why I waited so long to read this book! I really fell in love with the characters. Who doesn’t love a broken girl who needs some love and maybe to be saved a bit, even if that saving comes from within? Who doesn’t love an alpha male who seems hot as sin and dirty in all the right ways? I thought Noelle did a great job leading these characters through discovering more about themselves, changing their thoughts, beliefs, and ways. I loved watching the growth of the characters both as individuals and together. I thought Noelle did a great job capturing the highs and lows of this love story while keeping the reader engaged and invested. The sex scenes and chemistry between Rhys and Sophie is off the charts also.  

What I Didn’t Love About This Book
The only thing I didn’t love about this book was that I felt like part three was a bit rushed. The other two parts had me dying to know what was going to happen and fully involved in the story. Part three lost a little of the flare for me for some reason.

Overall I thought Noelle did a fabulous job with the story of Rhys and Sophie. I really loved the characters and was happily cheering them on throughout their challenges while routing for the happy ending they both deserved. I happily give this series four rocking stars and would recommend it others for sure. I am looking forward to more from this author for sure!

About Noelle Bodhaine... 
Welcome to Noelle’s world where creativity and filth co-mingle and make for a delightful cocktail to intoxicate your senses and fill your time. Classically trained in the art of procrastination, seduction, and distraction. I’m a lover of all things creative...books, movies, music, cooking, and art. A history nerd to my core and avid student of powerful She wolves that have shaped our modern history. I like to watch old movies when it rains, and listen to dry satirical podcasts when I cook. I make a mean Old Fashioned and love the smell of cigar smoke and old leather. I write about men I want to love and places I want to go. My laptop has become like an appendage, as I never know when something deliciously dirty may pop in this crazy head. I do my dreaming at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, surrounded by handsome young men who do not pick up their laundry.

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