Friday, January 22, 2016




Releases JAN 26TH, but you can pre-order your copy today!!

Cover Up (The Cover Series, Book 2)
Emily Roberts is a confused woman.
While her heart feels entangled with Julien’s, her mind fights for the man who had always been true to her—Adam. Feeling that she can never trust Julien again, she tries to move on, but the heart will not be ignored. Even after all Julien has done, she still yearns for his touch…
Julien Belmont never meant to hurt Emily.
One night, one mistake, one lie cost him the love of his life, and he is left with no choice but to watch her leave. When Julien causes Emily to have an accident, the guilt he feels is unbearable.
Determined to get her back, he tries to cut his ties to the only thing standing in the way of his happiness—his wife.
But all is fair in love and war.
Cutting ties with a woman scorned is never easy…


✶´`´*★ ‪#NEWRELEASE‬: Discovered by Kim Black! ✶´`´*★

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