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Kari's 5 star Review - Lucky by Amanda Renee writing as Anastasia Marie

Title: Lucky 
Author: Amanda Renee Writing as Anastasia Marie
Genre: Contemporary Romance/NA
Release Date: March 4th 2017

Kari's 5-star  REVIEW

His name? Chance White. If you were to look up the epitome of a bachelor you'd find his name. He has the ability to get any girl he wants effortlessly with that captivating smile. Making it painfully obvious that he has no intentions of ever settling down. Life is young and has yet to be lived. There are far too many places to go and girls to do. That is of course until he catches a glance of his best friend's soon to be sister in law, Lillian Grace Vincent.

I'm Lillian Vincent, a free spirit living my life as I see fit, unapologetically. I've spent the majority of my life attempting to please others to no avail. I've been through far too much to even entertain the idea of “dating" and with a psychotic ex, I intend to stay as guarded as possible, for as long as possible. That is of course until spending time with my sister, Kara, brought me in front of Chance White. Then I realize I may not be as strong as I'd like to believe. Fate begins to test my ability to remain strong enough to withstand the charming, unattainable, and captivating bachelor after I've been given fair warning to stay away. 

Your first love teaches you lessons, a plethora of them actually. Eventually we learn to move forward from the heartbreak with a piece that they will forever hold. My heart will never be the same, no matter how hard I try. It will withstand the test of time leaving a piece of me unavailable to anyone in the future. When I search the depths of my soul for what I want in another lover I will always search for what we once had. A reminder of friendship and pain filled with vivid memories of the first glance, first kiss, and that first night under the stars that I’ll never forget. 

After a summer of pure bliss, he was gone leaving me shattered into more pieces than I could ever fathom. 

Even still, fate has a way of catching up with us…

What I Loved:
The thing about new authors, for me, is sometimes you stumble upon a secret. Or what feels like was kept a secret. Lucky, was a well kept secret from debut Author Anastasia Marie. Lilly and Chance take you on their journey, running the gamut of emotions. Their story is real, relatable and EXACTLY what draws me into a book. 

Cautious. Knew what to look for. Lilly, like most, had her hang ups, but her growth throughout the story was beautiful to visualize and experience. Learning to trust people again and overcoming fears, is something everyone can relate to. But that moment when you see a character bloom, and no longer carry that fear with her because she chose to be strong and her own person, is always pivotal in a book to me. The way that this was told or how it unfolded, was done perfectly. 

Playboy. Knew how to yield his words as a weapon. Chance and I had a love/hate relationship. He is real. He reminds me of that guy we all have dated that pulls you in, then pushes you out. He had his jerky moments, but I think every man does. And when you read a relationship with such fire like these two had together, it is bound to have passion in every sense of the word. 

I can’t speak about the writing in this book enough. I never would have known this was this author’s debut. The words flowed from the pages. Lilly and Chance were written in such a way that everyone can take something from this story. The prologue alone, about three loves, was something I just had to re-read a few times because I felt the truth to it. 

What I Didn’t Love:
I’m not sure my heart was ready for the emotional ride it went on. That is a bit nitpick-ish right? There really isn’t anything I didn’t love about this book. 

Pick this book up. I was LUCKY enough (<—see what I did there?) to get an advanced copy. The book is well written, well developed, and the one-liners that came out of this story are classic. The best thing about it though, for me, is it wasn’t always perfect in situation, but always perfect in heart.

Every time I read a story I love, and want more of, I get ridiculously giddy. I want to scream from the rooftops about this book. Anastasia Marie, WELL DONE! Can’t wait to see what is next from you! 



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