Sunday, December 27, 2015

REVIEW - The Imperfect Gift By Kristina Borden - Reviewed by Kristi Lynn

Title: The Imperfect Gift (Debut Novel) 

Author: Kristina Borden

Genre: Women’s Fiction/ Inspirational


Two sisters share a bond forged by a life altering past. Life takes them down two very different paths as they try to escape the memories of their childhood. As adults, they realize that what hasn't broken them only makes them stronger...that is until they are faced with one thing they can't escape. Follow the journey of two sisters whose bond and friendship will truly touch your heart as their lives are forever changed. One sister will find the courage needed to make the choice of giving the imperfect gift, while the other will have to learn to live a life she never knew possible. The Imperfect Gift comes at a price but is a true testament to a beautiful and unconditional bond that will forever remain.

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Review by Kristi Lynn
Going into this story I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had been told it was not like the books I typically read, but I was down to try it and see what new author Kristina Borden had to offer the indie world. I am glad I gave it a shot. This is the story of Ann and Kristen, two sisters who have suffered throughout their childhood and well into their adult lives. Throughout their life they develop a strong bond and connection. All they have endured in life has made them stronger and also made them extremely close. They have a bond and closeness that many siblings would be envious of. After dealing with so much in their lives, one more blow literally rocks their world.

What I loved about this book - This book was emotional, heartfelt, and at times (in the beginning) hard to read. Even in the tough times, I felt the love and closeness these sisters had for each other. Throughout I felt like I was their biggest cheerleader that they would both find the peace and happiness they deserved. I was awe struck by the love, trust and the strength they had with each other. I felt their pain, struggle, and the raw emotions over their circumstances. This to me is a sign of a good writer so job well done to Kristina!

What I didn’t love about this book - They were points in the book that I felt like the story was rushed and then others where I felt like there was over explanation.

Other than those minor things, I think this was a fantastic debut from this new author. I am looking forward to seeing more from her in the future. I am happy I took a chance on a book outside of my norm. This book really rocked and I gave it 

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